Hey, I’m Ilka – Freelance writer, editor, desert dweller at heart, loving slow travel and sustainable fashion. Consciously Curating is a sustainable online journal dedicated to slow living, working and traveling.

Daily postings, entertaining stories and creative reels – on Instagram we are able to share our lives while eagerly following others’. For

Fast fashion and the dirty industry behind it raise many different issues affecting our environment as well as the women along the

Our lives are busy and packed with appointments, deadlines and activities. Meeting all our daily demands and still finding time to relax

More than just a trend – Journaling proves how beneficial and healing writing can be. The self-care routine brings mindfulness and focus

Does it even matter how and where you spend your money? I’d say it definitely does! “Every time you spend money, you

Epic Martian landscapes, pristine nature and an endless horizon that simply takes your breath away – the Southwest carries its own special