Hey, I’m Ilka – Freelance writer, content creator, desert dweller at heart, loving slow travel and sustainable fashion. Consciously Curating is a sustainable online journal dedicated to slow living, working and traveling.

Erkenntnisse aus dem ersten Jahr Selbstständigkeit

I love organization, schedules and structure. I’m well aware that none of this screams self-employment. But, aside from my need for security

Desert in Spring featured image shows a desert landscape covered in blooming wildflowers

I’m a huge desert-dweller at heart. If you asked me, it’s worth a visit at any time of the year. But deserts

Digitale Erschöpfung vermeiden, eine Hand hält ein Handy in der Hand, das einen Instagram Profil zeigt

Daily postings, entertaining stories and creative reels – on Instagram we are able to share our lives while eagerly following others’. For

Mode Feminismus Etikett einer Fair Fashion Hose mit dem Schriftzug Buy less choose well

Fast fashion and the dirty industry behind it raise many different issues affecting our environment as well as the women along the

Selbst- und Zeitmanagement, Laptop, Kalender und Notizbücher

Our lives are busy and packed with appointments, deadlines and activities. Meeting all our daily demands and still finding time to relax

More than just a trend – Journaling proves how beneficial and healing writing can be. The self-care routine brings mindfulness and focus