Hey, I’m Ilka – Freelance writer, content creator, desert dweller at heart, loving slow travel and sustainable fashion. Consciously Curating is a sustainable online journal dedicated to slow living, working and traveling.

Lebensdauer unserer Kleidung verlängern

The fashion industry is constantly growing and so is our desire to fill our wardrobes with new clothes. The average American buys

Was sind Intentionen

The holidays are over and while the new year has just begun, things have settled back into their everyday routine. And yet

Jahresrückblick 2022

The year is almost over and I just finished writing these beautiful greeting cards saying “thank you”. They’ll go out to my

Was ist Slow Fashion nachhaltige Strickpullover

Once we’re trying to break up with fast fashion, we’re in desperate need for some great alternatives. You’ve probably already come across

Reisetagebuch Schreiben Travel Journal liegt aufgeschlagen auf einer Landkarte der USA

Keeping a journal became an essential part of traveling to me. It is a beautiful way to document your adventures in order

Wie lassen sich Flugreisen nachhaltiger gestalten

Those who know me or have been following my blog for a while now, probably already noticed how much I love the