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Hey, I'm Ilka – your
conscious content bff.

Let’s face it, writing an entire page just about yourself feels quite weird, doesn’t it? That’s why I much rather prefer to tell your story. As your freelance writer and content creator, I will help you to transform your vision into words.

Things I love: Sustainability, conscious fashion, slow travel (especially the US Southwest), female empowerment, vegan food, animal and environmental protection, mental health, books, design and last but not least – Paul, my little rescue pup.

Whether you’re a sustainable business owner, a creative or a conscious entrepreneur...

...we share the same interests.


To me, sustainability is closely connected to minimalism. What do I need to lead a good life and most importantly, how can I take what I need, without harming my environment?

Are you trying to walk off the beaten paths? Let me join you on your journey.

“The limits of my language means the limits of my world” and we are only truly feminist, if we are also antiracist. Highlighting diversity by using gender-inclusive language is just as important to me as trying to be an intersectional feminist.

If these issues are relevant to you, let’s work together.

Circular fashion, fair trade or capsule wardrobe are very familiar concepts to me. You not only care for a fashion revolution, but you’re already a part of it?

Let’s use your voice to make a positive change.

Being vegan is much more to me than just a diet. It’s a conscious, sustainable lifestyle – far beyond plant-based food choices.

Are you protecting our environment and animals? Let me help you spread the message.  

Conscious travel guides, road trip itineraries or must visit places – writing about travel (especially through the USA) makes me almost(!) as happy as actually hitting the road.

Ready to fuel your wanderlust? Dive into some of my favorite travel memories on the blog.  

Business or private – we’re living faster than ever and are always hustling. Mindfulness and practicing self-care are essential to our wellbeing and mental health.

Therefore yoga, meditation and journaling are precious and inspiring elements in my daily routine.

Texter Nachhaltigkeit Home Office Ausschnit Schreibtisch mit Laptop

„I write entirely to find out what I'm thinking, what I'm looking at, what I see and what it means. What I want and what I fear.”


What you need to know about me:

I like to observe and listen before I speak (or write). It might be a side-effect of studying philosophy and educational sciences and it surely is part of me being a highly sensitive person. While writing and researching, this actually is a huge benefit. After all, empathy is my superpower. It expands my perspectives, allows me to recognize and solve problems and deeply connects me with the people around me.

Working in many different industries covering various positions taught me to always keep an open mind.  Whether I’ve been working as a research assistant, freelance translator, editorial assistant, project manager, mental health social worker or “Kids Kamp”-volunteer in the Californian Desert – I learned how to broaden my perspectives.

I have a wide range of interests. It might sound a little strange to try to live a more sustainable lifestyle and at the same time still enjoy traveling around. But isn’t it all a matter of perspective? Things are hardly ever just black or white. So why not travel as sustainably as possible?

You’re looking for a copywriter to bring your vision to life and elevate your business?